Witch Text

Designed by

Bruno Levy

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Bruno designs simple, elegant tattoos that evoke a sense of nostalgia for a more romantic time.

$ 150 USD

Tattoo of the word WITCH available in a bunch of different styles and fonts.


All tattoos range from .25" to 2.5" diameter, depending on the design.

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What is a Tiny Zap?

TINY ZAPS are small, permanent tattoos done by professional tattoo artists. We believe that getting a tattoo doesn’t have to be intimidating. So we’re creating a vast library of TINY ZAPS tattoos from top artists around the world that you can claim in easy, no-pressure 30 minute appointments.

Do tattoos hurt?

Tattoos do hurt, but most people will tell you the pain is quite tolerable, especially for TINY ZAPS small tattoos. Some places on the body do hurt more than others but most of our tattoos at TINY ZAPS will take no more than a few minutes.

If you’re nervous about the pain, you can add the Pain Free add-on, which is a lidocaine-based cream that will ensure you feel almost nothing during your appointment.

What size are the tattoos?

All TINY ZAPS tattoos range from .25" to 2.5" diameter, depending on the design.

Stencils will be printed in a variety of sizes during your appointment so you can work with your tattoo artist for the perfect size based on the design and placement area.

do you offer touch ups?

TINY ZAPS offers free touch ups in standard placement areas including arms and legs during a booked appointment window. More difficult areas like hands, fingers, behind the ear, and feet will have a $25 touch up fee.

Touch ups must be scheduled within 1 year of the original tattoo appointment.

When are you opening?

We're currently doing pop-ups and events across the country while working towards our first location opening in NYC in 2024.

Drop your email or follow us on Instagram to stay updated on launch, events, and upcoming collabs.

Do you accept custom designs?

We pride ourselves in working with top artists to create a vast library of tattoos that will stand the test of time, both from a quality and stylistic standpoint. For that reason, we do not accept custom artwork or provide custom tattoos.

With that said, we’re constantly creating new design sets and collections. If there’s a specific design or style you'd like to see in the TINY ZAPS tattoo library, let us know here. We’ll notify you when your request has been added.